About the Action Angels of New York


To provide the training and tools needed to increase the human and financial capacity of Community Action agencies across New York State through enhanced volunteerism, unrestricted resources and community partnerships.so that all people who walk through our doors walk out with greater opportunity.


To work together through shared knowledge, data, resources and activities so volunteer work in Community Action is more organized, accountable, recognized and leaves a significant and positive impact on our state, communities, agencies and the people we serve.


We will help everyone who asks for our help to the best of our ability.  We will encourage those we help to help others to the best of their ability ~ “The Circle of Giving.”


Our focus is on helping all individuals and families to become self-sufficient as well as to help those whose employment income disqualifies them from assistance to remain self-sufficient.  This program is committed to addressing the physical, academic and social needs of children where current programs fall short or are non-existent.

Since the inception, Community Action Angel volunteers have distributed over 18 million dollars in donations of goods and services through the network of Community Action agencies in New York State to individuals and families during normal times and during times of disaster. Over 190,000 individuals were helped in their time of need.

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